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AvaBill CCBS is a flexible, integrated customer care and billing solution, combined with powerful rating and billing engines. This customer centric solution tackles Customer Care, Customer Management, billing functions, collection management, dispute handling, credit control and system administration. Customer information is administered, collected and validated. Calls and service data are rated, bills generated, dues collected and ledgers maintained for the customers.

Everything Online Everything Real-time
Most core functions of the AvaBill suite, and specially the CCBS, are Online and Real-Time. Real-Time performance means that you and your customers can rely on AvaBill for up-to-the-minute account information. Even Credit-Control is online with AvaBill following automated action plans such as sending warnings or de-activating; re-activating services based on Cashiering & Payments, which are also tracked online.

Traditional as well as Next-Generation Services
A combination of Advanced Billing Functionalities, Operational Efficiencies, and Robust Product Design AvaBill CCBS tackles both Traditional and Next-Generation services with complex discount structures.



Functionality at a Glance
Customer Care
Customer Management
Billing & Invoicing
Cashiering & Payments
MIS Reports
Online Credit Control
Package Builder
System Administration